Intercomms Global Ltd.

About Intercomms

World Wide Web Solutions

Intercomms Global comprises of a very talented group of Information Technology and Communication professionals who have contacts amongst most of the technology sector. Having served much of the local sector and some international clients as well, it is quite safe to say we are experienced and know what we do. Intercomms Global strives to be the name that everyone recalls when it has anything to do with Web Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Marketing, Software Development and Systems Integration. With many businesses resorting to IT as their foremost component in analysis, marketing and decision making, this happens to be a very much imperative goal.

Our Mission

"Our mission is to help you better the competition; with innovative technology solutions supporting strategic intelligence and communications to drive your market potential through the roof.

Intercomms can deliver on this promise because we can help improve decision making and operational efficiency, which in turn drives the top line and the bottom line. As one of the leading lights in web and SEO technology we have the ability to make rapid, effective, SEO, web and software applications to make your business grow."

Our Aim

"We aim to fulfill client needs by the use of state of the art technologies and strategic communications."

Our Strategy

"Perform tasks with due observance of environments, regional and cultural aspirations and good corporate governance."

Our Commitment

"We are committed on providing our clients with an exceptional standard of performance while being within budget."