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Building websites has never been easy as it is now, especially with the availability of CMS solutions, shopping carts,etc. In addition to that, these tools that are being utilized for web development are open-sources, thus easing the task for the majority of web developers further. When you browse the internet, you will come across many of such open-source solutions. The recent introduction of the wide range of plug-ins and community support, also reduce the load of work that needs to be accomplished by the web developer.

Given below are some of the popular CMS and e-commerce solutions that are provided for you at Intercomms. Being specialist in web development and web related solutions, we at Intercomms, with the customer’s demands in mind, deliver you quality service beyond your expectations.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Wordpress – A recently introduced open-source blog tool, used to publish platforms using PHP and MySQL. In spite of the fact that it is new to the market , it has already started to dominate over the other existing open-source tools with it user friendly features like functionality, community support, high quantity of themes, plug-ins and many other features. Initially this tool was introduced to be used for blogging sites, however recently it has as a CMS and is also slowly evolving into an ecommerce solution.

These are some of the blogs created at Intercomms for some of Our clients as well as for the company –

Joomla – A well-known open source CMS, which is used by many web developers to build web sites as well as plenty of online applications. Some of the web sites which apply Joomla as one of their tools to keep a track of the contents of their web site include amongst others, e-commerce and online reservations, small business web sites, non-profit and organisational web sites and so on. The prime reason for its popularity is the ease with which it can be used, even by a beginner. Availability of features like community support, themes and plug-ins and many others, promote its popularity amongst many web developers.

Drupal – This CMS is used by many web sites as a back-end system ranging from personal blogs to enterprise applications. Developers enjoy working with this open-source tool since it eases their work with regards to cutomising the code as the developer sees fit. Further benefits include, the availability of a range of add-ons and themes, thus allowing the developer to build any site of his/her own desire.

E-commerce Solutions

Oscommerce – An e-commerce software used to conduct your business transactions online. This open source online shop e-commerce solution is used by many to promote their business, online as well. Up to date over 10,000 online stores were built using this application. Furthermore, this application can be used on any web server that supports PHP and MySQL.

Zencart – An open source, user friendly shopping cart software providing the customers an easy means of completing their online transactions. Branched from osCommerce, this software has many features which include amongst others multiple language support, multiple customer modes, built-in CMS and many more.

Our ZenCart Solutions -

Magento – Yet another open source based e-commerce application, which permits the user to control many online stores from a single administrative dashboard. Features of this application include amongst others, scalability, flexibility , complete control over the presentation, content and functionality of the online store and many more user-friendly benefits.

Our Magento Solutions -

E-commerce System

Want to add something new to your website but don’t feel like spending money on designers to redesign the site? Well we’ve got exactly what you

Mobile Web Applications

With the reach of the Internet ever-expanding and many people resorting to eCommerce and Digital Marketing for their businesses, the need for a good website becomes even more pronounced.

Content Management System

Want to add something new to your website but don’t feel like spending money on designers to redesign the site? Well we’ve got exactly what you

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